Why Use Green World Trading?

Green World Trading (GWT) is a specialist hazardous waste collection company that specifically deals with the safe collection of lead acid batteries. We offer highly competitive rates for spent/scrap batteries. We have dedicated vehicles covering the whole of the UK and our friendly staff will come to you.

On arrival a uniformed member of our team, who carries identification will introduce you to our innovative paperless system which controls and stores our process and the consignment notes. This is all done using handheld electronic devices using real time. This means you save time, as there is no need to file away paper, no need to organise the consignment notes and no need to have documents taking up much needed space at your work site. All the information is immediately emailed to you during our visit to your business (if you do not have such facilities we have the ability to print off your documents in our vehicles). Our bespoke electronic system is environmentally friendly as no paper is used and because it is designed by us, we have our customers in mind.

The system is efficient for you, easy to use by you and controlled by you. You can determine when and how often you access your information. Your information available to you at all times. The information accessible includes; individual and group reports on all collections, present and past history of collections and our certificates showing our legal compliance. Your information is only available to you and your company - not by other customers. You will be issued a specific login code and password, so that your details can be kept private. We store your documents so that you can access them for up to four years on our secure server.

When we visit our customers we have the ability to weigh on site, pay cash on collection or invoice and we can report back to all of our customers on the weight we’ve collected, if they wish but often most of our customers simply access such information after entering their personal login code on our website.

The process can be monitored by our customers on our website www.greenworldtrading.co.uk.

If you would like any further information on our service, please call the team on 01252 416439.