New Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 has come into force in England and Wales, introducing a mandatory licensing regime for scrap metal dealers and greater powers to crack down on illegal traders. Under the act, all site-based and mobile scrap dealers, including motor salvage operators, must obtain a licence from their local authority to continue operating legally and will have to pay a fee to cover the costs of the scheme. Traders can apply for a temporary licence before 15 October while councils process applications. Full licences are only mandatory from 1 December. The licences will allow the Environment Agency (EA) to run a national register of scrap metal dealers. Councils can now inspect applicants’ criminal records to assess their suitability and they have the power to refuse, alter and revoke applications if the new regulations are not complied with. Metal sellers will have to produce verifiable identification, which dealers must record and keep for two years. Police and councils have increased powers for entry and inspection to act on illegal traders. Fines and sentences are being increased for dealers breaking the law.